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What do people experience when they visit your church?   Do they feel at home or like an outsider?  How does your facility reflect your ministry?  Can people find their way around your facility?  Can they find the bathrooms? What does your technical support and production quality say about your commitment to excellence?  Are guests treated well and made to feel special or are they alienated or ignored?


The Experience will give you practical feedback and ideas for improvement.


The Experience is much more than just a secret shopper visit. With you we will go in depth into the things that attract and detract from your facility and services.  Meeting with your teams we will do a thorough walk thru of your facility, pointing out things that can be done to improve what you are doing.  Also with your teams we will orchestrate a structured vision time looking at and setting attainable goals ready for action.


A typical schedule for The Experience


10am    Walk thru your facilities with the facilities team

11am    Strategy and goal session with your facilities team

Noon    Lunch and discussion with facilities team

1 pm     Explore and engage time with communications team

2pm      Strategy and goal session with communications team

3pm      Explore and engage with Production team

4pm      Strategy and goal session with production team

5pm      Dinner and discussion with leadership and team leaders

7pm      Stage design workshop and brainstorming



7am team meeting

Attend services and observe what happens on a Sunday morning

12pm Lunch with team and wrap up of visit.


1 week later.  Video conference with team leaders to go over observations and layout attainable goals for change.



Set up your EXPERIENCE right now

The Experience weekend can really propel your Sunday mornings forward.  Contact us to Schedule now!